How to create a personal essay in no time

A personal essay can sometimes be a lot harder to write than a research based essay or an argumentative essay. It's because it's personal and about you that it can be hard to really show yourself with your own idiosyncrasies accurately. This is where your friends and family will really come in handy. A personal essay can also be largely different depending on your teacher and what he wants to see from your writing. Make sure to adhere religiously to your instructions and double check that you've done exactly what he wants. That way when you are graded on this personal essay, your teacher can check off each requirement because it's obvious you followed all of them.

Writing Personal Essays

Another thing you need to keep in mind with a personal essay is that you'll have to veer away from traditional essay advice like not using first person, not telling your opinion, not using anecdotes and only facts, etc. because in a personal essay you have to use first person; it is your story after all. And your opinion and stories are the backbone of a personal essay. If you're written other essays in the past you'll just have to be less strict with yourself when you're writing and remember that this particular essay is about you on purpose.

How can you finish your essay quickly? Since it can take more thought and effort to write a personal essay than any other type, is there a way to get it done in no time? If you have a plan and you know how much time you have, by all means, you can make this so much easier on yourself.

Here's where to start: figure out how many hours between school and your job and family, you have left to work until your deadline. Then, make a list of everything you need in the essay. Have your instructions nearby and make a bullet for each item. Try your best to estimate how much time it will take you, and add up all the times for each item. If you don't seem to have enough time left, see if you can't double up on some things: make them work for more than one criteria. That is, kill two birds with one stone. Another way you can work faster is in focusing; don't have the TV on in the background or any other distractions.

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