Writing An Admission Paper: How To Make A Picture With Words

In order to write an admission paper that earns you a spot in your favorite school, you need to know all of the tricks of the trade. A top admission essay will not only be written with grammatically correct sentences and paragraphs, but it should also be written with a creative eye for detail. When you craft your admission paper, you should always remember that you are competing against every other student who is applying for a spot, too. Your essay needs to have the details that set it apart from the rest. Painting a picture with words will help make your essay interesting and vivid.

Vivid Verbs with the Thesaurus

The first thing to know when you are painting a picture with words is what words to use. Too often, writers will rely solely on using a thesaurus, but not only the words they already know. This results in papers that have too many oversized words that are often incorrectly used. Instead of relying on a thesaurus to create a wordy paper, better papers use vivid verbs which are interesting action words. Of course, there will be sentences that will need linking verbs like 'to be' but when you can use verbs like 'to flaunt', 'to scare', or 'to create' your paper will be so much more enjoyable to read. Vivid verbs will certainly set your paper apart from the others and the admissions committee will notice your expanded vocabulary.

Use Necessary Nouns

Along with vivid verbs, noticeable nouns will also help create a picturesque image. Not every sentence will require the use of striking nouns, but when you have the opportunity to be specific, you should certainly take advantage of the situation. When it comes time to use pronouns, be sure those pronouns references are clearly made. Even the best nouns will lose their power when writers make unknown pronoun references.

Trust Your Transitions

You might think that your adverbs and adjectives are also an important aspect of writing a picture, but this is far from the truth. Transitional words do more work than adjectives and adverbs because they provide direction for the mind to take. It is much easier to recognize the relationship between events with strong transitional phrases that it is with flowery words. Use your words to keep the story clear, do not overuse them.


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