How to Succeed with your Graduate School Admission Essays

One of the most important things when it comes to applying for a college is your ability to succeed with your graduate school admission essays. You want to make sure that the essays that you write are the best that they can be. Following the tips below will certainly help to make sure that is the case.


You need to make sure that each essay is unique. Look over the rules of the school you are applying for and follow all of the instructions that they give you. This will be important when it comes to the first impression the school has of you. if you are not able to follow the instructions of the essay to get into their college how can they trust that you will follow any instructions?

Avoid Past Tense

You need to avoid the typical past tense in the introduction paragraph. Don't talk about how you knew you wanted this since you were 5. Instead you should think about telling a story that is relevant or even talking about an experience that is specific to help with gaining the attention of the reader right away.

No Slang

Avoid using slang or contractions in your essay. This will help to keep the paper professional. You also need to steer clear of big words that you would not find yourself using in a conversation so that the paper is still conversational.


The things that qualify you are not the experiences you rack up on alone. It is also what you were able to gain from the experiences that you had because it makes you and applicant that is strong and this will result in your becoming a professional that is strong in the field you have chosen.


You need to avoid all errors with grammar, spelling, and typos. Making mistakes like this could be a fast way for you to end up in the pile of applications that are a no go. You need to read over your essay once you have written it and make sure that you have preformed and grammar and spelling check as well.

If you can take these things into consideration when writing your essay you are going to find that it will be great. There are more things you need to think about when writing your essay but these are a few tips that will get you well on your way to an acceptance letter.


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