The Likely Consequences Of Being Kicked Out Of School

Education is a very important aspect of human life today. The United Nations' universal declaration of human rights recognizes education as fundamental human right. It is essential for exercise of other human rights. Various researchers have also carried out research into the need for education and the rights of children in the education system. However, under certain circumstances, an individual's education may have to be discontinued by him/her being kicked out of school. The international community through UNESCO has set out the justifiable reasons for one to be permanently kicked out of school. Such individuals face many challenges in life.

Among the consequences of not being able to acquire an education is that one cannot enjoy an active social life like the rest who have the education. In most institutions, students are kicked out when administrators deem that continuing their education will have a negative effect on the rest of the students. By extension, their own behavior prevents them from being able to associate freely with peers. Therefore, they cannot have a meaningful social life.

After being kicked out of one school, the likelihood of being admitted into any other school diminishes. Therefore, the victim is unable to acquire any training or skills required to work in any profession. Such people have to settle for informal employment and odd jobs. Very few people can be successful in business without proper education and hence individuals kicked out of school in most cases are condemned to a low standard of living.

The frustration suffered by individuals after being kicked out of school could potentially lead them to engage in social evils. They feel that they have a vendetta against society for being prevented to realize their potential in life. This causes psychological problems in such people and they become very dangerous. For example, there are cases of serial killers who murder individuals who are very successful in education since they feel they also deserve to be robbed of their success.

There are many negative consequences of being kicked out of school on both the victims and society. Therefore, school administrators should only use this as a last resort when all other solutions have failed.


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