Writing A Quick Draft Of Your Personal Statement

A personal statement can be both stressful and satisfying to write. When you're applying to go to school, your personal statement is one of the most important parts. If you've never written one before, it can be confusing deciding what you need to do next and how to make yourself out in the best light possible while still seeming humble. Students who aren't great at writing will feel very overwhelmed, because these few words from your statement need to do so many things and still be well written at the same time. There are other factors that depend on the topics you've chosen, or the anecdotes you want to tell, because this essay is supposed to show your achievements and creativity. The school board reading your personal statement needs to get a feel for who you are apart from being a student, as well. You should make it a combination of academic record and skills, and your personality and values.

2 Important Parts about Writing a Personal Statement

If you want to quickly get a draft written for your statement, there are many different ways to do it. Most personal statements have two things in common, and you can use these two things to write an example of your statement:

  1. HOW does this essay show evidence of personal and academic achievements that aren't already mentioned in other parts of your application? Talk about different things, and be very specific.
  2. WHY are the events that you've chosen to describe so important? Have they shaped your dreams, focus or attitude about education and pursuing your passions?

Consider those things as you write a draft of your essay for applying to university. You will likely need both of the above tips for any school, but do make sure to check with their specific instructions, as well. There are some schools that want to see more of #1 or more of #2 above, but for the most part you'll at least need some element of both. Try making some notes and brainstorming about other things you can add into this essay. You definitely don't have to get it right on the first try, and your rough draft is just that: rough and in need of editing and more work. You can find help with your personal statement on other websites and from past teachers or friends.


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