How To Order A Customized Personal Statement On The Web

It's no exaggeration to say you can order almost anything online now, and that goes for customized personal statements, admissions essays, and more. Ordering one for the first time may seem a bit intimidating, but it's not hard.

  1. Find a great custom writing service.
  2. What makes a service great? First, find one that's been around for a while. Services that scam customers, do low quality work, and plagiarize don't stick around. Once you've found a service, contact them and find out about their own process for personal statement assignments so you can work with them efficiently.

  3. Give them information about yourself.
  4. Your personal statement is supposed to be personal, so you'll need to provide the writer with some material to work with. You can give them a lot or a little, depending on your needs, but keep in mind that when you only provide the bare minimum amount of information, the writer is going to have to concoct more to fill out your essay.

  5. Give them the requirements for the personal statement assignment.
  6. While you may have only encountered a few types of personal statements in the past, rest assured there are a great variety of different types. If you aren't specific about your expectations, you shouldn't be surprised when the final product is something you didn't expect. Be very clear about what you're looking for and the formal requirements involved.

  7. Stay in touch while it's written.
  8. Providing feedback and input while the writer creates your personal statement will lead to a much more pleasing final result than taking a hands off approach. Set up a timeline for the outline, introduction, rough draft, and so forth, so you can keep tabs on your paper while it's in progress. This is also helpful in case it starts to go in a direction you don't approve of. It's much easier to change something early in the process than it is to rewrite the paper entirely afterward.

The more you participate in the creation of your statement, the more authentic it will be when it's finished. Be sure that the service you choose has great customer service policies to ensure that you can do this. If possible, ask them for samples of past personal statements they've provided (they will likely only provide partial samples, which is to be expected.)


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