College Admissions Essays Help - Being Unique

Apart from your school results, your admissions essay is possibly one of the most important things the college looks at regarding admission criteria. This essay gives them a small glimpse into the person that wants to join their college and why. Countless admission essays read the eyes of examiners and many of them can be quite a drag to read.

Just picture it "Good Day, I am writing this essay to tell you why I should be allowed to join your college, I am good at this... I am good at that... blah blah blah..." BORING! So how do you make your essay unique?

First rule: start early

Don't fool yourself into thinking you can write a good article the night before it's due - that's how boring essays are born. Good writing takes time. If you find yourself stumped, look back at photo's or chat to your friends and family. Remind yourself why you've chosen the educational course you have and write with confidence. Be the perfect student they want you to be and drive that through in your writing.

Second, brainstorm

You are the topic of your own essay and who doesn't like writing about themselves? But do you honestly think the admissions board care about the places you've lived, your favourite teacher, your favourite subject at school, or worse; your favourite pet?

Avoid listing the mundane things you can remember about your life. Instead, simply reminisce about that one moment in time gone by that you remember with goose bumps. A moment that you feel would summarise your passion and show why you want to follow the path you are choosing.

Take your moment and run with it

Once you've chosen that moment you can start writing down each detail expounding on why you felt the way you did and how that feeling has carried you to where you are now.

Give details. Consider all of your senses - sight, touch, taste, sound, and smell. Be critical on yourself if you come to a point where you find that your topic lacks interest - don't be hesitant to change it.

Be unique and even a little poetic

Try not to start your sentences with "I spent my days sitting in the theatre and I really enjoyed the music." Instead, try something like "Wilfully trapped, I breathe deeply taking it in, a bead of sweat runs down my face and although the heat is unbearable, I just cannot pull myself away. Like a drug, the music takes over, day after day I am forced to return, my heart yearning every moment I am within the walls of that theatre."

Some structure

Remember to always rite in the first person and keep the essay in present tense. It makes things more real. It's vital to spell check your paper before you print. There is no better way to waste all that effort than to hand in an unchecked essay.

Finally, fold it up and stuff it in an envelope announcing the completion of your task to your friends and family. Be confident about what you've written and always be yourself.


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