Admission Essay Services Are Not Reliable

College admissions have become increasingly competitve. Since colleges continually have more applicants than they have spots to fill, admissions offices are requiring students to not only submit their applications and test scores, but also well-written essays. To try to guarantee a spot at the colleges of their choices, students are hiring admissions essay services because of the reputation of good writing; however, many of those students who hire a writer are often very disappointed with the quality of the essay.

Have a Backup Plan

Since admissions essay services can be unreliable, it is always a good idea to have a backup plan. So many people are trying to make quick money by setting up writing websites even if they do not know how to write. Unsuspecting high school students are losing out because they trust these online writing websites to deliver a good product. Even more disappointing is that many high school students do not even realize how bad the essays might be which is even worse, because students submit these essays thinking they will help.

Recycled and Resold

Another problem with hiring an admissions essay writing company is that many companies will recycle their essays. Since colleges tend to ask for their potential students to write about many of the same topics. Admissions essays writing services can make more money by reselling the same essays over and over; they do not have to pay writers to craft unique, individual essays.

Hiring a General Writer

Instead of turning to a website that only writes college admissions essays, it is usually better to turn to essay writing services that write essays for any purpose. With a general writing website, students can usually choose their writers, who are experts in writing all types of essays. Students can usually communicate directly with the writer who will craft their essays, but the admission essay services usually do not offer the same quality of services as a general writing company. Essay writing services also promise that they craft their essays from scratch without reselling essays like admisssions essay companies do.

Look for Free Revisions

Another benefit to hiring a writing service is that most of them allow for revisions. While students will not be able to have their essays revised after they have submitted them to the colleges of their choice, they can have their teachers read the essays before submitting them. Usually the revision services are included in the price of hiring the writer.


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