5 Things That Can Make Your Admission Essays Shine

There are moments in your life when even if you have the skills and the knowledge of how to do a thing, actually getting down on doing it can be close to impossible because there is a lot of pressure associated with it. Writing your admission essay can be one of those things and the truth is that for most of the college applicants out there, this is one of the hardest tasks they have ever had to deal with.

Why is Your Admission Essay So Important?

The one mistake many, many of the potential students out there make is related to the fact that they do not actually believe their admission essay is so important. These students focus so much on their portfolio of activities, on their SAT scores and on their high school/college grades that they forget about one brutally honest fact: all the other applicants are doing the same as well.

Your admission essay can set you apart from all those students doing the same things as you are. In many occasions, an admission essay can weigh more than a portfolio and it can be your chance to let the admission committee see behind numbers and certificates into the real you, into your real skills and into your real life aspirations.

Top Tips to Use When Writing Your Admission Essay

If you want to make your admission essay shine, make sure you follow these 5 pieces of advice:

  1. Never, ever list out your achievements, your grades and all the other things already mentioned in some other part of your portfolio.
  2. Always thing through new points of view and point out your ideas from these perspectives.
  3. . Always be very careful about your first sentence. This is the very first thing that can stir the interest of your admission officer and the very first thing that can say a lot about yourself. Avoid using cliches and think originally especially when writing this sentence.
  4. Be passionate and alive and show the fact that you are a real person, the same way as your admission dean is. Be full of life, goals and dreams and show your determination to actually make these come true. Remember that "showing" is not the same as "saying" so instead of simply stating these things, show them through the way in which you write your essay.
  5. Never, ever be too dramatic. Letting a bit of your own personal drama "slip" into the essay is fine - but make sure it will not be too emotional because this will probably lead your readers into believing you are asking for pity.

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