Most popular Admission Essay Format

The choice of Essay format depends mostly on the personal style of writing. There are different structures and formats popular for essay writing. An essay can be a narrative. It can be descriptive or can consist of cause and effect model or structure. It can also be a compare and contrast type.

  • General essay format:
  • An essay has to be shaped like a story, consisting of beginning, middle and end just like a narrative. An essay consists of an introduction, main body and a conclusion. It gives an essay coherence and integrity. Essay also needs to be strategic. Your ideas will define the tone of essay and make it unique. For this, it is very important to follow your natural writing style.

    Other popular admission essay formats include:

  • Example format:
  • It is the traditional format of an essay which begins with main thesis statement or argument and then you provide evidence in the middle body of the essay. At the end you wrap up the essay by concluding the arguments. This method is simple but powerful and is useful to support single and strong point.

  • Compare-contrast format:
  • As the name suggests, compare and contrast essay are structured just like cause and effect and you continue to compare aspects of the subject. There is an alternative method in this format. You give points or arguments on one object or condition in the first half and the other in second half.

  • Narrative/chronological format:
  • This method is useful when you want to focus on any one event of your life. It is more meaningful because it brings simple details into light. In narrative style, you are a story teller who provides details on particular events. The flow is gained from the sequence in the events. It is one the most influential and effective methods but can be difficult to handle sometimes.

  • Descriptive format:
  • It resembles chronological method as it also proceeds step by step. The difference lies that unlike chronological method where steps consist of time, descriptive method comprises of steps of description. The description can be of thing, place, or person. Like simple essay structure, descriptive format consists of introduction, then paragraphs of description and finally jumping out of description, you write conclusion. Whatever the essay format, do not let your own style buried in its structural formations. Your own natural way of writing makes it distinct.


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