Examples of MBA admission essays can teach you

Whether you are seeking to apply for your Master in Business Administration, or you just happened to stumble on an MBA admission essay, there is a lot that you can learn. By taking the time to read someone else's insights, and to look at the structure they used, you may get some great ideas on the topic and communication style utilized.

Goal Setting

One of the greatest things that you can learn from an MBA admission essay is to effectively communication goal setting techniques. Business administration is a comprehensive topic that applies to the real world. Admissions essay for this program are usually chalked full of honest goals dealing with success. They can be extremely motivational and help you start consider what you want to do with your life.

Personal Reflection

An admission essay into any Master's program will teach you how to reflect on your life experiences and how they will help you succeed in a higher education program. A statement can trigger a skill that you forget you had, or may lead you to question what you are lacking for your own program. By examining another's MBA admission essay, you develop a list of skills that you need to be successful both in education and in life.


If you are struggling with your writing technique, reading different types of essays can help you learn to communicate. By breaking down an essay into its main question and supporting evidence, you can learn how to effectively structure your own composition, regardless if it is related to an MBA topic or not.

The Program

If you have never considered applying for an MBA, reading a college application essay may help you get a better sense of the program. You may have gone to school for graphic design, but after reading about an MBA program you may be inspired to open your own business. By exposing yourself to various educational topics, you can rule out what you have no interest in and rake in new paths that you may not have ever considered.

Reading an MBA admission essay can teach you a lot about the business administration program, but it can also teach you a lot about your own life. By looking at a piece of writing from an objective view, it may spur thoughts on what you would like to do with your higher education and lead you to opportunities you would have never considered otherwise. It will also help you learn how to write your own admission essay by outlining the structure and format, even though it may be for a different program.


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