How To Write A Personal Statement: Tips And Tools For Success

A personal statement requires hours to write and minutes to read; hence it is necessary to prepare it after referring innumerable eminent quality samples. A personal statement should be comprehensible and in form of narrative essay outlines and should illustrate academic and personal history. Quality writing and in-depth content contributes majorly towards an evocative personal statement. Express your passion and fervour while applying for the subjects of admission tutors. Also demonstrate as in why you are suitable for the post. Following are merely guidelines and whatever you write is your reflection; so express yourself intelligently.

Here are some significant tools and tips that are your key to success

  1. Aim of your personal statement: This is an advertisement that defines the topic and certifies your knowledge and suitability for the subject.
  2. General Overview: Write a general outline about yourself regarding personal, cultural and educational details.
  3. Academic History: Mention your details such as your age, college history, dates of pass out, earlier performances, educational course, etc. While you address the following data, you may also cite situations that have positive and negative impacts on your career progress.
  4. Cultural and Career Prospects: Reveal particulars regarding your future career aspirations. You may describe the hardships associated with your educational pursuit, any grave illness, any special features such as you being the first person attending the college, financial hardships, responsibilities while managing family, school and job. Also, describe your leadership qualities, awards, elevated level of responsibilities managed, community, military or volunteer Services.
  5. Depict experimental learning. If you are involved in research work, paid or volunteer work, artistic endeavours towards career or personal accomplishments.
  6. Cite reasons why you opted for the particular subject: Write down as many reasons as you can. It will reveal your interest.
  7. Refer samples of relevant subjects: You will get a broad idea when you refer the content written by previous applicants.
  8. Write your future goal: Written goals should be your own ones and should not be imitated from the samples.
  9. Language used: Present the statement well and commit no grammatical mistakes.
  10. Structure of the personal statement: Refer prospectus and latest personal statements to equip yourself with the world around you. It should be interesting and relevant. Make your content plagiarism free and proofread it so that all your endeavours endow you with brilliant results. Format it well in different paragraphs and pay great deal of time while writing the beginning and ending of your personal statement. You can use templates but say No to copy and paste.

Once you follow these guidelines, you are all set with an informative, interesting and functional personal statement.


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