10 Mistakes To Avoid When Writing An Entrance Paper

An entrance paper offers a writer the chance to give a profile that will appeal to the institution and ensure that they are captivated to learn more of the person. Triggering this side of the readers is always a matter of how the information is brought forward and in what format it is presented. In this, there are factors that should be avoided fully as they hinder the chances of an entrance paper making the required impact and they include;

  1. Religious affiliations
  2. The faith and religious affiliations of a person are normally classified as a private affair when it comes to entrance papers. Attacking or demeaning a particular faith is a never when writing an entrance paper.

  3. Race
  4. Attacking or supporting a particular race is a no go zone when writing an entrance paper since it may be the factor that will rub off wrongly to the reader.

  5. Politics
  6. As much as politics present an exciting topic of focus, mentioning a political bias can be the outdoing that will sink an entrance paper.

  7. Sexual orientation
  8. The sexual orientation of a person is a sensitive matter. Appearing to support or criticize a particular sexual orientation manifests as a grave mistake that can have dire ramifications.

  9. Arrogance
  10. A writer is never aware of the capacity and personality of the reader and therefore appearing arrogant about the chances of entry into the institution marks as a mistake that should be avoided.

  11. Over sharing
  12. Pouring all thoughts in one setting offers a naked picture of the personality which is a disadvantage when writing an entrance paper.

  13. Socio-economic status preferences
  14. Many institutions house individuals of different socio-economic statuses which means appearing to take a bias towards a particular side can be a fail especially if it is the flip side of the reader scrutinizing the paper.

  15. Inclination to Negativity
  16. Appearing to be inclined towards criticism of all factors and ideas is a mistake to be avoided in writing entrance papers since it paints a writer as a villain that is focused on disapproving ideas.

  17. Taking sides on controversial issues
  18. Controversial issues under debate always bring a sensitive atmosphere. Taking a stand on the same in an entrance paper presents as a mistake since it can stand to be the opposite thought orientation of the reader.

  19. Overindulgence
  20. Providing an opinion over anything and everything paints the picture of an individual who has a passion for creating controversy. The best orientations are normally the ones left to imagination and this should be the focus adopted by writers.


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