How To Plan And Write A Good Admission Essay

As a youngster, you dream of pursing a great career. You may want to be an athlete like the people you see in stadiums and arenas. You might want to be a musician, creating songs that will inspire millions. You might like to try acting, like the celebrities you see on television or in the movies. If you have the desire and talent, you can make a success of these endeavors. If you get a break, you might be able to land a position that helps you start on your chosen career path. For the majority of us, we need to get a good education to provide us with as many opportunities a possible for a financially secure future. In order to get that great education, you need to be accepted into a college or university, hopefully the one you have your heart set on. The application process can seem like an uphill battle, but the paperwork can be easily handled if you are careful and focused. One part of the process is writing an admission essay.

Why do you need an admission essay?

As you compile your high school transcripts, and fill out the college application, you may wonder why you need to write an essay. You are providing them with a list of accomplishments, organizations, and charity works that you have done, which are a great indication of your character. That should be enough. It can be. However, the admission essay is crucial to display your writing style, your ability to follow instructions, and in some cases your creativity. When admission officers at a college are reviewing thousands of applicants, the slightest difference will provide the answer as to whether to offer an acceptance to a particular student. That difference can be exhibited in a great admission essay.

Planning your essay

Many times the college will give you a specific question to answer in an essay. It is important that however you approach the problem, you answer that question. In addition, whatever guidelines the college sets, make sure you follow them completely. If you are given the freedom to select a topic, be inventive. The school is not looking for a restatement of you academic achievements, or accomplishments that are induced on your resume or application; they want you to show some ingenuity in crafting an essay. The tonic should specific, not overly broad, and make it as personal as you can, relying some information that is not combined anywhere else in your application papers. Remember to proofread, as this is an educational institution, and they will be checking for errors.


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