The Philosophy of Professional Nursing - Admission Essay Example

Nursing entails promoting, protecting, prevention of injury and sickness, as well as, the mitigation of suffering through examination and treatment of human diseases. Nursing philosophy contemplates the various nursing qualities that ensure firm commitment of nurses to their patients' welfare. The skill of nursing follows the ethics of nursing theory to the scheme of personalized care using nursing development. Caring for patients is the prime goal for nurses in the achievement of health care; nursing entails the individualized care of patients in the elimination of health problems.

Nurses are embodiment of empathy, charisma, altruism, and knowledge in their role of preventing and protecting people from health problems. For instance, nurses carry on their role of promoting health care even when they are outside the walls of a hospital. Some common aspects of nursing philosophy include time management, knowledge, advocacy, compassion, respect, privacy, and honesty. Through these values, nurses uphold utmost professionalism ethics in their performance; this is what makes nursing a valuable humanistic career.

Knowledge is the vocal point in nursing success; nurses must have an awareness of diseases so as to allocate the precise medication. Additionally, an exceptional nurse should have the ability to distinguish which patient need urgent care; the ability prioritize ensures that every patient gets effective health care. Consequently, the essence of time management help nurses to ensure that they provide effective patients care such as giving patients medication, and food. Compassion is another valuable skill that ensures nurses observe nursing theory principles. Empathy helps nurses to have sufficient care for their patients, and families; nurses provide their patients and families both physical and emotional needs.

In conclusion, nursing is the center for human care following the various distinguishing attribute nurses portray. Therefore, the attitude of nursing profession ensures that society receives the utmost health care while nurses attain career satisfaction on nursing principles.


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