Overcoming nervousness when working on your admission paper

Writing your college admissions paper can be a very stressful task. You know that it is important to encapsulate your personality in a short essay and you also know that this is not always easy to do. You are probably asking yourself a lot of questions which bring doubt into your head. If this sounds right, then you are probably stopped in your tracks by nervousness about writing your college admission paper. You can get yourself out of this place by breaking your essay down into smaller tasks which help you get organized and start the writing process.

Where to Begin

You always hear that the first step is half the battle, and I believe that this phrase applies in this situation. Try to use the following step to help you overcome your nerves and get your college essay going.

  • List your academic achievements
  • List volunteer work or achievements outside of academia
  • List your reasons for wanting to attend college
  • List reason for the specific college you are writing for

These are four simple steps that will get you on your way to writing the thoughtful and eloquent college admission paper you know that you are capable of. You just have to start somewhere, especially if you are letting your nerves stop you before you even start.

Starting with a list of your academic and extracurricular achievements is important because it will give you the confidence to start the process. You might also want to consider listing some great compliments or advice that people have given you in the past. This will assist you in thinking about the qualities in your personality which make you a distinct person and a great candidate for the college.

If you make a list of the reason you are applying to college it will help you to organize and streamline your thoughts. You can ask questions like

  • What is important to me in a college?
  • What aspects of my academic career fit in with this college's mission?

Reading the college's mission statement should give you some ideas about what to write about. If a college's mission revolves around individuality then you should probably show that you are a strong person with a great self of self. Doing this small amount of research will help you to remember why you want to attend the college and why you are qualified to do so.


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