Describing Your Skills in the Admission Essay

So you're applying to a college and they want you to write an admission essay? Well, if you're like a lot of people, you may become confused over what to write about or how to present yourself. Let's start by easing your mind and discussing the basic and very simple way to have your skills and strengths recognized by your choice institution.

It helps to remember that the topic of this essay will rely solely on an area of expertise known only one person: you. Contained in essay should be a clear, concise and persuasive presentation of a student who can't be passed up. How do you do this? Simple. Spend a few moments reflecting on the reason you decided to further your education in this desired field. Was it a family member? A significant moment in your life? What ever reason you chose, start by swaying the reader to understand your view before you begin highlighting your skills.

Once you have portrayed the passion you have for your field, it is helpful to make note of what can be gained by your admittance into the school. Try writing about an idea you have, a rare, academic strength you possess or any number of skills that you feel are suited to the academy you're endeavoring to attend.

Next, do some research about the institution you will be applying to. Find out their mission statement, future goals and advances in specific fields. By acquainting yourself with a foundation and structure, you can easily find common goals and dreams which, when noted correctly and with dedication, will be sure to catch attention from the whole committee.

Growth and achievement are largely what an academic institution will be looking for in any applicant. By granting you admittance, the school is considering your education as an asset not only to you, but also to their future. Use your skills in writing to demonstrate adaptability and room for advancement which can benefit your field.

Remember that as much as you would like to list every skill that you possess, sometimes the best skill of all is to keep an underlying yet undeniable command of your talents. Do this by displaying direct, precise sentences which highlight your unique personality and demonstrate all that you have to offer. Be bold, be creative and show initiative. Good luck!


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