How to Write a Great Admission Essay

Admission essays - how are you doing with them? If you're struggling, don't worry. You're in the same position as thousands of students around the world. Admission essays are anxiety-inducing, mind-boggling undertakings that even the best personal statement writers find nearly impossible. If you're finding your admission essays to be the hardest part of college application, breathe a little easier - because we've compiled a whole list of tips and advice meant to improve the quality of your admission essay. Follow this learned, studied and proven advice if you want to produce high-quality admission essays guaranteed to secure you a spot on your school roster!

  • Let the college know what you can do for them. An admission essay has one purpose: to convince your college of choice to admit you. Now, colleges are businesses, and before businesses hire employees or implement other changes, they need to know the long-lasting benefits of those choices. It's your job to communicate exactly what you'll bring to the school. How can your leadership qualities, artistic ability, sports talents, ambition or other qualities help improve the school? It's good to address this in a convincing, but non-forceful way. Acknowledge what you love about the school, but also remember to elaborate on how you're the perfect fit for their specific institution.
  • Edit and proof. Never, ever send in an admission essay without doing this! The quickest way to lose the interest of your reader is to have grammatical errors or unclear sentences floating throughout your essays. When you don't go back and reread, dissertation editing for clarity and proofreading for mistakes, you can end up with essays that are cluttered, confusing and otherwise difficult to understand. Always proof and edit before sending in your ideas; it could save your behind from college rejection.
  • Be honest and use a great hook. You really want to make sure that you communicate who you are through your essay. Be honest; don't try to make yourself sound like the new Jesus Christ. Showcase your strengths and acknowledge your weaknesses; colleges are much more interested in students with integrity and clear personal evaluation. Also make sure your essay has some memorable aspect that makes it more entertaining and enjoyable than your typical, informative essay. Can you tell an interesting story? Can you use a meaningful quote to thread your essay together? However you can catch your reader's attention while still addressing the purpose of the paper (to get you into that college!) will aid you on your path to success.

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