Writing an Admission Essay: Understanding your Reader

So you have decided to write your admission essay for applying in to your desired university. The first and foremost thing you should remember is that it is not going to be a SAT or GMAT essay where you need to win over the examiner through strong argumentation. For anything you write or create it is very important to realize you are you writing it for. Your product should always be a reflection of what your reader wants from you.

Writing an essay is not a very tough job if you keep your target audience in your mind. For writing an essay and making sure it gets approved it is important to understand the reader, immerse into his mind and then write what he expects to read. The audience for your admission essay is the admission officers at a university. You must realize that these officers:

  • Are Over stressed
  • Have too much workload
  • Have thousands of essays to check
  • Are Low paid
  • Read the same type of essay every few minutes
  • Have less time

Now that you know who you are audience is and you understand their mindset it will be easier for you to write an essay that makes them happy.

  • First of all never overdo the essay. Don't go into building flowery sentences and long complex sentence structures.
  • Keep yourself brief and relevant. The admission officers are too busy to sort the complicated sentences for you and then try to figure out what you actually intend to say. Write an essay that is easier to skim through.
  • Divide your essay into paragraphs so that the reader can stay focused. Long non-ending paragraphs will drive the reader away from your writing.
  • Be honest in your writing. This is an essay where you are writing about yourself and why you deserve the admission. Try to stay honest and write the truth about yourself. If you exaggerate and boost off about things that don't exist the officer will certainly know.
  • Use your creativity to give the reader some curiosity and try to make him stay on your essay. If the essay is too general and factual the reader will not find it any different from all the other essays and will most likely not read it till the end.

Whenever you write or create something always keep your audience in your mind. This will help you succeed.


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