What Application Essay Topics Are Not Useful

Writing an application essay is on the mind of most of the high school students these days as admission season draws near. One of the most important things in writing an admission essay is its topic. If you choose the topic of the essay wisely then half of your task is completed already. However if you have selected an inappropriate topic then you are in trouble and it may have a disastrous effect on your admission. A bad topic means that the admission officer will not bother to read through the rest of your essay and all your efforts to write the essay will be wasted. Moreover if the admission officer does not read your admission essay it would mean he will not grant you admission in the university you had applied to. Not only this but rejection of the essay will also mean that the precious time you dedicate din writing the essay has been completely wasted.

Here are a few topics you should never choose if you want to get admission in the university of your choice:

Drug usage

Universities and colleges already are having a hard time in managing the increasing drug abuse in many countries. Never make a mistake of mentioning the drug usage in your essay. This may be very honest of you but no university would want a junkie in their institute.

Sex life

It is a bad idea to write about your sex life in a college application essay. You might have had some life changing experiences with sex but you should never write about them in a college admission essay.

Time spent in jail

Even if you learned something great out of it you must never mention your time spent in jail to the admission officers. No one would like to have criminals in their institute.

Heroic adventures

The admission officers want to read the truth about you. They don't want to enjoy fancy readings and heroic adventures that are fake and exaggerated. They will know if you are making it up because they receive hundreds of essays on a regular basis and they can easily tell truth from fiction.

Travel journals

Don't make your essay a travel journal. Colleges do appreciate students who have exposure and have travelled to different places but you need to pen it down in a logical way. Do not keep on adding summaries of your trips.


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