College Admission Essay Tips: Be Yourself

The admission essay for college is an important assignment that helps introduce you to the school you hope to gain admission to. This is where creative thinking and writing skills come together to show that you are as a unique individual. This is a great opportunity to tell the school information that is not asked on the application. When you are yourself it can make the writing process much easier.

Show Confidence in Your Abilities but Try Not to Brag

You want to show you are comfortable with your abilities and you feel you will make a difference helping others. You want to show you are a unique individual that has something to offer because of accomplishments and achievements received. What you do not want to do is come off as if you are better than someone else because of something you earned or received. You should be able to show you are confident in what you can do but your achievements help prove what you want to accomplish in the future.

Offer Insight on How You Want to Make a Difference with Your Career Choice

Making a choice about your career is an important step. Schools want to know how and why they fit into your career goals. It is one thing for a school to have a good reputation and high graduation rate. Can you think of a few points on why and how students contribute to that reputation? How do you fit in and what makes your abilities worthy of the career you want? You should be comfortable talking about your abilities and what you want to learn in order to move to the next step with your academic needs.

Be Honest in Sharing Details on What Makes You Unique

One of the most important things to remember when writing admission essays is to be honest about who you are. You should not have to fabricate things about yourself that are not true. You should not have to mention certain details that are not true to make the school like you any more than they would someone else. Be honest about who you see when you look in the mirror every day. It will be easier to just be honest about your intentions instead of creating a mess of lies that could backfire on you in the future.


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