What to know about College Admission Counselors

The way that the admission process works is you fill out some paperwork and usually attach an admissions essay. This essay needs to be written about yourself, your goals and passions related to the field you're applying to, and show that you are serious about your studies. Students with very well written admission essays have a higher chance of getting accepted at the school of their choice. If you want to know how to please the college admission counselors who will be reviewing your essay, keep reading.

How to Write a Great Admission Essay

When you have an admissions essay to write, it can be challenging to think about yourself and put it down in words. A good idea might be to ask a friend or family member to help you with this. Sometimes other people can see you a lot more clearly than you see yourself. You can start by making a list of things you know you're good at, that you are interested in within this field, and things that make you a good student. The counselors want to know how well you will do in their school and if you're a good fit for the program. Give them every reason to believe that you are.

Another tip in writing an admission essay is to have it proofread by someone else. The writing part is important, but editing is, too. A great essay riddled with spelling and grammar errors won't be read past the first few mistakes. With another person's help, you'll be able to see with a fresh perspective how your writing comes together and if there are indeed any errors. This really helps; if you do nothing else to edit your essay, at least have a friend read it over and tell you what he thinks. This is also good for the content of your essay, because you may have awkward sentences, or something that's not clearly phrased.

Admissions essays carry a heavy weight - they are what your acceptance relies upon. Yet this essay is not too different from others you have written, because it holds the same structure of introduction, body, and conclusion. Writing it shouldn't be too hard, and if you focus on the passion and the reasons behind your wanting to go to this school that will really show through in your words. Just be yourself and be honest and you'll do fine.


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