Creating an admission essay: write as you speak

An admission essay is probably one of the most important essays you will ever write in your life. It is intended to get admission in your desired institution. The university wants to know your personality, achievements, interests and future goals by seeing your essay.

To write a good and effective admission essay it is important to keep a few things in your mind.

Write as you speak.

The first and foremost thing that you need to keep in mind is writing along with speaking. You want to make an impression on the admission officers that you truly deserve to get admission in the university. The best way to write an essay that is conversational and helps the reader stay focused. If you keep speaking along with writing you will be able to create an essay that is interactive and engages the reader.

When you speak along with writing it helps you in keeping a track of what you have previously written so far as well as you will not write anything that does not make sense logically. Narrations helps you in writing grammatically correct sentences and avoid open ended statements.

Be real.

The admission officers read thousands of essays during the admission season. Make sure your essay is unique and original. Do not base your essay on a generalized and boring topic. Only write about something that you actually feel passionate about. Do not fake anything or event in your writing as the admission officers are experienced and they will certainly know if you are not being yourself.

Build curiosity

It is very important to hook the reader in your essay. You can do this effectively by giving the reader a clue or hint in the introduction and then gradually reveal the idea. Do not write everything in the beginning so that the reader does not have interest any longer. Write in a way that will engage your reader and will make him want more. Build on solid examples and try to present a picture to the reader so that he can relate better and develops interest in your essay.

An admission essay is your ticket to your favorite university. Maybe a candidate and you have the same GPA and extracurricular and the only deciding factor between you and him is your words. This is the very reason you should choose your words carefully.


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