Scholarship Essay Writing: Common Questions

If you do not have a lot of extra money saved up for your College education then one way that you can supplement your tuition is with academic scholarships. Academic scholarships are cash rewards that you do not have to pay back, students can win them in a variety of ways including by writing an essay application for the scholarship.

Many students who are not great writers feel put off by the idea that they are going to have to write essays in order t o win scholarships. However, don't let the word "essay" scare you away from applying. Often, students are intimidated by the written component of the scholarship but they don't have to be if they know how to tackle the common questions that scholarship funders ask. Knowing how to approach a scholarship essay is a great skill because winning scholarships can save you lots of money on tuition. Below we've outlined some of the most common questions and how to deal with them.

Questions Regarding Your Intended Field of Study

Sometimes the scholarship funder will ask a question about your field of study or proposed major. The reason why they ask these questions is to help determine whether or not you are serious about your academic goals.

  1. How will studying ________contribute to your career goals?
  2. Why do you want to become a ________________?
  3. How do you believe that _____________will impact society in the future?
  4. What do you think that _____________industry will be like when you graduate?
  5. Why do you feel that studying__________ is important?

Questions About You!

Other scholarships may require you to write about yourself, your goals, and your personal achievements. They are looking for individuals with strong personalities who have already made some sort of contribution to society or that have valuable insight about the world.

  1. Describe an instance where you displayed a sense of leadership
  2. Tell us about a personal accomplishment that you are currently proud of
  3. What is the most meaningful thing that you have ever done?
  4. What makes you a good candidate to receive this scholarship?

Questions about your background and diversity

There are some scholarship sponsors who choose applicants who come from unique situations or different cultural backgrounds.

  1. Describe an experience in your life and how it has influenced you?
  2. Who in your life has had the greatest influence/ who is your inspiration?
  3. How have your families background and culture directly impacted you?
  4. How will your education impact who you are?

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