5 Reasons NOT To Use Free Essay Writing Help

Free essay writing help is often an option to consider when you're not sure how to proceed with your writing assignment. While free help is something many will take openly, there are reasons why some feel these options should be avoided. For most people, it depends on the needs of the individual and their assignment.  Yet, getting a better understanding of why people are having problems with free writing help, often have those seeking reputable sources. 

  1. The essay writing help may not always be free.  Various websites that claim to offer free service may have start off with certain forms of content free, but you may need to pay a fee to get the extended version or to have a paper written for you if they claim to offer custom writing services.
  2. The writing help may consist of essays you don't know where they originated from.  It can be helpful to have access to free essay samples to use for study or reference purposes.  Yet, the content can be of poor quality, full of errors and may have been downloaded by dozens of others.  In some cases it can be difficult to determine if what you are looking at is legitimate or correct.
  3. Some may provide misleading or confusing information.  In this case you begin to question whether the information presented is worthy of your time to review.  For example, the website may state the company offers free service, yet they keep mentioning how you can get affordable services or only provide information on a select number of writing concepts.
  4. The essay samples may be of poor quality. You may think you are getting a firsthand idea of what your essay or term paper should look like, but with closer inspection you may notice grammar errors and improper word usage.  Such sites may claim their customers learn more from the free content than other materials designed to provide writing help.  What was something they learned? Not to come back to the site again.
  5. Information given may not be accurate.  Some sites that claim to offer free writing help may attempt to give step-by-step instruction or details in regards to certain aspects such as how to develop a thesis or how to write the introduction paragraph.  They may intend to explain it to you in a simple way to help you remember but some may not take time to provide thorough information.

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