10 Things You Should Know About Application Essay Writing

If you're just going through the motions when writing your application essay, you'll never stand out of the crowd and make an impact on the admissions board. Here are some pointers that you should be aware of when taking on this task.

Procrastination is out!

Don't wait too long before starting your application research and process. Many colleges and universities advise students to start this process before they even start their final year in high school!

Take responsibility

Your parents are there for support, but don't rely on them to do it for you. Take charge of this process and make it your own task.

A drop in the ocean

Unless you're applying to an institution that's very difficult to get into, don't feel like you're just another number. The majority of colleges accept 75% of the applications they receive. The admissions board members are more interested in who you are so introduce yourself and be confident without being fake.

Show off some investigative skills

Including a few subtle points that show your interest in the institution will win you lots of points. Researching the school before writing to them is an absolute must because there's no reason for anyone to accept your application just because you took the time to write it. Identify with the school you're applying to and you can't go wrong.

They've seen it before

Even students' essays that have attempted to be original have been set aside in favour of another essay. These folks have seen all the tricks you can come up with so don't feign originality; you're already unique just the way you are so be true to that.

What they're looking for

The admission board is searching for students who will identify with their college and are dedicated to make their studies work. Let these points come across in your essay.

Extra curricular

The admissions board will want to know what you do outside of your school career. This will give them a lot of insight into who you are rather than what you want.

A casual conversation

Although your essays should be written in the correct format, be careful of being too formal. Overly formal application essays are not interesting to read.

No such thing as solo

Don't exclude your family and friends from the writing process. You don't need to mention them too much in your writing, but their opinions and input are invaluable to the tone of your essay.

Retain involvement

After your application has been sent, don't just sit back and wait. Stay in contact with the school and be as involved as you can in their online presence and school activities.


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