Is it legal to buy an Online Essay

Importance of the admission essay

A college admission essay is that one thing in the life of the college student that most wish they did not have to go through. It is not just a description of oneself, but more than that. It should give the people reading it an idea of what the student will bring to the table that other student do not already have. It shows how their life is and why they think an experience at their college of choice will change their life for the better. One college admission expert advised students to treat the admissions lie first dates. First dates come with the pressure to impress and make an impression, to both the world and to the date. Unlike first dates, many people should and will read the admission essay and dissect it. It should therefore be up to standard. Here is a list of the possible people who can read admission essays.


For students at a loss of how to go about writing admission essays, they should consider using online writing services to do their essays for them. Although there are fraudulent ones, finding a good company can help the writer achieve exactly what they desire in an admission essay. The legality of buying other types of essays, term papers and assignments custom made on the web is questionable. Admission essays pose another problem altogether. Is it legal to buy them, can the university discount the application if it is bought?


Ideally, the admission essay is a description of the student, but the universities the students apply to do not expressly require that the writing be done by the actual student. The steps that students take when they buy their admission essays online ensure that the writers capture the essence of the student.

Justification of buying

  • The student normally gives the writer or the company that they want to buy their essay from the instructions, question or the prompt that the admission officers require. This means that they follow the same instructions that the student would follow if they wrote it.
  • The student maintains communication with the company and writer at all times throughout the writing process meaning they can clarify any issues about the paper or about themselves. The writers are also experienced and have done essays for many students before.

Buying essays is legal and could be better if the student gets a good writer.


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