Personal Statement For College: The Format

For millions of future high school graduate the idea of going to college is a dream come true. Many  of these high school seniors and juniors have begun preparing themselves, mentally and academically for the tough road ahead. This may include writing papers and taking exams that will help the student better prepare for college work. One of the most important parts of getting into college is preparing a personal statement. A personal statement is a essay that is written that shows a college that a student possess all of the intellectual qualities needed to handle college work. Depending on the essay topic, this paper can be incredibly fun expressive and thought provoking or challenging, frustrating and hopeless. This personal statement allows the college to get a feel for a student's personality and intellect, so it is important that they do a great job on it. One key factor to impressing a college board is to have the correct formatting of a personal statement down pact. With this formatting a student increases their chances of getting into the college that they desire.

The Guideline and Standard of a Personal Statement

In reality there is no standard or guideline that absolutely must be adhered to in order for a personal statement to be correct, but there are some help tips that make it better. There are a few things that the college board is going to be looking for when they read a student's personal statement. The first thing will be: Does the essay shed light on the students intellectual depth and ability. In other words a student should focus on showing off and highlighting their intellectual skills when creating this personal statement.

The next thing that the admission office will look for is proof of why the student chose to write the content that they did. In other words does the content provide a clear description of the student as a whole being. Many college students assume that grades are the only thing that colleges look for. In reality grades as well as a personality that is studious, confident, intellectual and somewhat light hearted will win over the admission board. It is important that the personal statement read more like a essay that is written about the student and their accomplishments, instead of a boring paper about facts and figures.

Hopefully this information helps a student better understand what an admissions board is looking for. To begin with it would be smart for a student to create a rough draft of their Personal statement then go about correcting some of the grammar flaws found in it. Then re read it aloud for style and tone, it is important to sound like a person instead of a robot. Finally revise it and reread it until the student is proud of their work. Remember that this personal statement stands as a portrait or your personal representative to the college.


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