Writing an application essay: choosing the right tone

What is the Tone of an Admission Essay?

An admissions essay is probably the single most important document that a person writes as a student. This essay is the most important part of the university application process that ends up deciding the career of an individual. An admissions essay is what helps the college admissions committee decide if the candidate is what they are looking for. There are several things that need to go into an admissions essay.

The tone of an admission essay is the overall way in which information is communicated. It is a crucial part of the essay and can make the difference between a rejection and an acceptance.

How Should An Admission Essay Portray An Applicant?

The right admissions essay needs to portray the applicant in the best possible light. It is important to note that the best possible light is not one that hides every single flaw and accentuates all the strengths of an applicant. While there is no formula for a "Perfect" admissions essay, the most successful ones are those that give a well rounded perspective of the applicant and portray him or her as a complete individual with weaknesses and strengths. An admissions essay must also convey to the admissions committee how the applicant is capable of overcoming his or her weaknesses and if possible, it should mention how the applicant has successfully managed to do this in the past. Instances where you have used your strengths to accomplish your goals in the face of hardships must be mentioned.

Always Follow a Structure

It is important to remember a basic structure for your admissions essay. The most successful essays are those that follow a structure. An unstructured essay will tend to ramble on never achieve the same traction that a structured and well planned essay can. An admissions essay must convey the essence of your journey in life up to the application process and should clearly show how you think the university or college you are applying to will fit in your plans. It should clearly convey the career path you have in mind for yourself after your education and how you will use your degree.

An essay that follows a set structure will convey this information is a much more efficient and easy to understand manner. This in turn greatly increases the chances of an applicant getting accepted into the program of his or her choice.


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