Common Errors Made While Admission Essay Writing

It's hard for us to imagine how mundane it can be to read multiple admission essays in a short span of time. Writing something that can catch and keep the attention of the admissions board is challenging, but worthwhile if done properly.

The errors most often made during writing admission essays may seem trivial to someone whose writing consists mostly of texting their friends, but for the readers of these essays it's absolutely unbearable, and most often results in the essay being ignored in favour of the next one.

Language skills

The most common mistakes made during the writing process are language errors. These include:

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Grammatical errors
  • Lack or overuse of punctuation
  • Incorrect wording; such as "there" instead of "their"

Sending an essay with these types of errors will have a negative effect on the chance of your essay being read to the end. Spelling and grammar are essential in your writing and show that you take your work seriously. If you don't want to come across as sloppy, be sure to check out this review!

The 'Who' rule

More often than not, students tend to write more about what they've done rather than who they are. The readers of your essay would prefer to get to know you through your essay instead of reading about all your accomplishments. Your achievements are good to mention, but only when they pertain to your aspirations and passion. Try focusing every point you write back to your personality and aim to make a connection with the reader.

Take responsibility

One of the worst things students do is make excuses for the challenges that have gotten the better of them. Have an attitude of taking responsibility for the things that have kept you back or avoid mentioning them at all. For example: if your high school grade average was lower than you would have liked because of a family problem, don't try and use that as an defence; or worse, a way to garner sympathy. Discuss instead how you rose up against the challenge and pushed forward despite any difficulties.

Some other errors

Here are some other pet hates of the admissions board:

  • Essays that are too long
  • Essays that convey too much personal information
  • Addressing the wrong institution or getting the name wrong
  • Not hooking the reader
  • Being too robotic (overly formal)
  • Avoid these at all costs!

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