Admission essay prompts: proofreading

Proofreading college essays is a must but at the same time many students find it challenging. Some purposely will skip the process altogether when this could lead to your essay getting overlooked or rejected. There are simple steps you can take to proofread your essay without getting stressed or concerned about how to get started. For some this is a time consuming process can pay off in a big way when you get accepted. The following prompts can help you determine the best options to use when proofreading your admission essay.

  • Read your essay out loud to hear how well it sounds. You get a better since of how your content comes together logically while being able to note changes you may want to make. Ask yourself if your content makes sense.
  • When reviewing written content highlight areas you want to come back to and revise. This helps in keeping track of what needs to be changed in case you get distracted.
  • Review guidelines for your assignment and compare them to the draft you have written. Have you answered questions asked, do you have enough information and what about word usage and grammar?
  • Spelling and punctuation are other areas to consider. You can use a spell check program to help you spot potential errors, but keep in mind such programs may not find each and every error. Taking additional time to read your content may pick up missed errors.
  • Upon revising your content you should check sentence and paragraph structure for your content. Your essay should be easy to read, follow and be concise. Think about your content being reviewed by an admission committee member. Do you think they would be impressed with the content?
  • Have another person read over your essay and give an objective opinion. Think about any suggestions or ideas they present and take them into consideration.

Other Information to Consider about Proofreading

Set aside time to review your draft and make corrections. Keep the deadline in mind for when you need the content to be submitted. The more time you have the less likely you will get stressed or feel pressured to rush the proofreading process. When having someone review your content, it helps to have someone who can relate to what you are trying to achieve. You can consider getting help from a professional proofreader or from an instructor on campus.


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