Technology in schools - Application Letter Example

The objective of the paper is to discuss the use of technologies in schools. In this context, technology is the use of scientific knowledge for practical purposes in day to day activities with effectiveness and efficiency. Schools use technologies in various fields and for various purposes. They use technologies for communication, production, security, research, better learning processes, environmental conservation and records keeping. Therefore, like other sectors in the economy, schools apply technologies in daily activities; to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in operations.

Schools use green energy technologies conserve their environment. Most of the schools have installed solar energy, which renewable source energy. This reduces pollution, since solar energy is an eco-friendly. Moreover, schools use technologies in waste management. Schools use technologies to recycle some of the waste produce. They use advance technologies in construction of landfill and incineration.

Schools use information technology in communication, research, security and to keep records. Effective communication is essential in the learning environment. Schools use information technology to ensure effective communication. Information about the students and progress of the school is essential for efficient running of the schools. Development of information system in schools helps in management and dissemination of information. Security is critical in the school environment; schools apply various technologies to ensure maximum security.

School produce to minimize cost of operation; they produce food and other items to minimize cost. They employ technology that ensures maximum production, such as green house farming. Some of the schools process products, which they sell local community; hence get revenue. Finally, schools use technologies in research. Applications of these technologies facilitate effective learning. Therefore, schools require various technologies to ensure effective and efficient operations.


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