Writing an Admission Essay: do not show off

The Importance of Honesty

One of the most important things to remember while writing an admission essay is to be honest. The admission committee expects students to have weaknesses in their application. A few bad grades or wrong turns in your academic career do not automatically disqualify you from admission. Any attempt to conceal such things is sure to land your application on the reject pile.

Admissions committees look for the most deserving candidates who are capable of doing something with their degree. They look at a lot more than just perfect grades and course choices.

Tell Your Story

The application essay is the single most important part of your application for a reason. That reason is that it is the most direct way you can communicate with the professors on the admissions committee short of personally meeting them. Your application essay should clearly convey your reasons for seeking admission to the degree program of your choice. This requires a remarkable degree of clarity on your part concerning your future plans for your career and how your degree fits into those plans. A candidate who is clear about what he or she wants to do is much more likely to be granted admission than one who is not.

Admissions committees also try to look at a candidates' potential for overcoming odds and getting their job done. A student who can be counted upon to do his or her work on time will be looked at much more favorably during the decision making stage. You must try to portray this quality as much as possible in your application essay.

Portray Your Weaknesses in a Compelling Manner

It is important to know how to portray your weaknesses so that they do not affect have an adverse effect on your chances of getting accepted. One of the most common weak areas in all applications is bad grades. Try to explain your bad grades with a genuine reason. It is important to mention how you've changed since then and how you can be certain that you won't repeat the mistakes you've made in the past. The best possible way to do this is show proof of your growth as a person. Mention how you've taken up more responsibilities, how you've realized the importance of hard work and how you are now willing to go the extra mile that you weren't before.

Above all, make sure that your essay is a gripping read.

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