How to write a winning college application essay

Writing essays is a regular activity that must be done by every student. However, winning college application essays must stand out because they show how a student reasons and how they can express themselves in writing. There are several steps one must observe to write an essay that will secure a top position while applying for college. These steps are:

Choose a relevant topic

A student is required to choose a relevant topic. The topic must be clear and easy to understand. It should also be appropriate and one is advised to choose a topic in field they are familiar with in order to identify good sources of information.

Select credible sources of information.

Selecting reliable sources of information exposes the student to helpful information that can help a student prepare good content. There are a number of sources which are reliable ranging from

  1. Books
  2. The internet
  3. Newspapers

Jot down helpful points and take notes

This will summarise key points about the information gathered. Make notes from various sources of information helps a writer organise their thoughts and concepts hence create a strong outline for their essay in order to make sure that the work is well prepared within an optimum period.

Conclude the essay with a strong finish

It is important to prepare a good conclusion to one's essay because this is vital part of the essay. One is required to summarise the topic and provide various suggestion while concluding their essay. It is also important to keep the conclusion short and simple to make the direct. This enables one's essay to have a personal touch that makes it unique making it have a lot of originality.

Edit and proof read the essay thoroughly

By proofreading one's essay, errors can be identified and improvements can be made.

Writing a wining college application essay comes with a lot of benefits. These are advantages that help a writer improve their chances of winning. These benefits include:

  • Writers have a chance of winning scholarship sand financial aid because of their brilliant work
  • Students can get recognised for their good work.
  • Winning essays enable other students to learn how to write good essays and master helpful writing skills.
  • Writing winning college applications also enable a writer to get into college giving them a chance to advance their studies and secure a successful career.

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