How to craft a powerful admission essay

If you want your essay to possess that X-factor the admissions board is looking for, you'll want to pay attention to some of these tips. Utilized correctly, these pointers can help you construct an essay that will impress any reader and put a favorable bearing on your name.

If you're not the best writer, resolve to change that NOW! You'll be doing a lot of writing in college so you may as well get used to it. Write your application essay like you've never written anything before. Show how dedicated you are about adopting a mature position towards your studies by presenting an essay that's superbly written.

Be the ideal student

There's no substitution for real sincerity! If you're not a good fit for the school you're applying to, consider not making them your first choice. If you really believe that you'd be a perfect addition to that institution, proceed with telling them why and giving them a foretaste of how you would fit in to the school's cultural setting.

Write in your own handwriting

The admissions board will be certain that you've written your essay yourself if you submit it with your own handwriting. Be careful when doing this so as not to hand in something scruffy and illegible. Complete the essay on your computer first, then rewrite it on paper as neatly as you can. If you make a mistake, throw it away and start again.

Your story and your song

Tell your story, but be brief and direct. Don't just lay out the facts; give your essay some abstract uniqueness that no one else could write about themselves. Look at your essay - if any other person could take your essay and use it for themselves, your essay is not original enough and should be looked at again. In short, let your writing mirror your personality.

Create a vision

Don't be too dramatic or emotional, but identify your vision and convey that vision in your essay. Stating your goals will give the admissions board lots of insight into your ambition. Sit down and have a serious talk with yourself about where you want to go and where you see yourself in the mid and distant future.

Involve your family

It's hard to admit, but your family may just know you better than you know yourself. Include them in the admissions process, considering their opinions and suggestions seriously.

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