What Exactly Goes into Stanford Coursework?

If you haven't heard about it yet, you probably will very soon the University of Stanford recently launched a state of the art online learning platform for individuals who wish to obtain a Stanford education anywhere in the world. That's right, now you can attend Stanford university classes from the comfort of your own home. This is an amazing innovation in educational presentation and accessibility, being offered by one of the most renowned education institutions in the world.

Known as "Stanford Online Coursework", this program offers access to some of the course materials used in different departments of the university. It also provides materials that are accessible for educational purposes for instructors in the K-12. By incorporating this not for profit online learning institution, Stanford hopes to make high quality learning experiences more accessible to general public and change the way we look at post-secondary education.

In April of 2013, Stanford Coursework, which was founded in collaboration with Harvard and MIT announced on its one year anniversary, that both these institutions would alsobe offering open source educational materials through the OpenEdx platform. The revelation being that soon the highest degree of University coursework would soon be available to the general public. By implementing this new system of open learning, students can choose to take programs online or still attend the classes that are offered on campus. The materials available online however, will be identical as the resources used by the faculty in the classroom.

Stanford Coursework Will Change The Way People Learn

The reason that this is such a revolutionary program is because it opens the doors to the most prestigious educational institutions in the world and makes them universally accessible to anyone who is eager to learn. Although you can't obtain a Stanford degree with registering and paying their institution fees, you can work through their available programs online or look up resources from Stanford for your own studying or instructing purposes. Essentially giving access to Stanford resources to individuals in post secondary Colleges and Universities as well has Teachers, Instructors, and Professors.

The long-term goal for the Stanford Coursework, and OpenEdX program is to make higher education more universally assessable. In the near future more and more Universities will be able to host their faculty materials on similar platforms located on the web. Changing the misconception that education is only for the most privileged of individuals, and making it widely available to anyone who seeks to learn.

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