3 Ways to Write an Admission Overnight

College admission essays don't write themselves - unfortunately. If they did, you'd probably be having a much easier time during your last year in high school. Due the unfamiliar nature of the assignment (and the overwhelming pressure to do it well), it becomes extremely easy for many students to put it off until the last possible minute. When this kind of procrastination occurs, however, students can often develop forgetful habits. If you've put that admission essay to the back of your mind, odds are it's going to stay there - until past the due date! If you just woke up in the middle of the night realizing that your college admission essay is due the following morning, you're in deep trouble. If you're stuck having to write an admission essay overnight, here's three ways you still may be able to pull off a great essay:

  • Use a story. Think of a personal experience that means something to you. This could be the time you lost your true love; a time you learned a moral lesson; perhaps even a time you witnessed something extraordinary. If it has a salient meaning to who you are and how you live your life, it's an excellent place to start. Not only will this be easy to write about, but it will also write quickly. Remember, admission essays don't have to necessarily be novels;
  • Highlight the college. If you're writing an admission essay for this educational institution, the odds are good that your know something about the college. Since admission essays are essentially a way to convince the school that they need you in their ranks, highlight your attributes and their strengths. Spend time talking about the college and you'll fill up a pretty huge portion of your essay.
  • Go to a writing service. If you're really at the end of your rope and trapped in a desolate corner, there's still one escape route: online writing companies. Currently, there are hundreds of online services that specialize in writing papers quickly. This includes nearly any and all assignments you could imagine - even admission essays. If it's midnight before the last possible mail-in date, you can always contact one of these services for help. Just make sure the company is credible and highly reviewed. If so, they'll likely get an excellent quality admission essay back to you in a matter of hours.

Also remember that, sometimes, honesty is the best policy. If you're writing your essay the night before it's due, mention that in the essay! Support it with reasons as to why it took you so long: you never jump into assignments; you were overwhelmed by countless family, charity and after-school tasks; you were nervous due to the outstanding nature of the school. Sometimes, being honest is all you need to get you into the school of your dreams!

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