Use short Sentences and simple Words while Writing an Application Essay

An application essay is intended to secure admission in the university you are applying to. These essays must be very clear and definitive. Most of the students think of it as the only chance to depict their strong vocabulary and put too much of information that will only lead in driving the reader away. The admission officers are not looking for obsolete vocabulary and complex sentence structures; rather they want to make logic out of your writing. The best advice for writing an essay is that you should try to make it easier to read and comprehensible.

Using short sentences

It is a very old practice in English language to use short sentences to make a strong writing. They are used in fiction, non-fiction, plays, poetries and hand-written extracts. The importance of short sentences in your application essay cannot be denied.

Using short sentences will help the writer and the reader both. The writer will not have difficulty in organizing complicated sentences and the reader will find it easier to grasp meaning out of the sentences. Short sentences are effective and brief if used with common sense.

Avoid too long sentences

If you write long sentences the biggest issue is that the reader might not be able to keep track and fail to understand what you intend to communicate. The other issue is that long sentences have more margin of error.

For instance a long sentence would need a lot of punctuation and if a single punctuation mark is placed after the wrong word it may change the meaning of your whole sentence. Similarly you may have problems with conjunctions as you will have to use a number of conjunctions to join your sentence. They too can be very tricky.

Keep interest

Short sentences tend to be precise and direct. It is easy for a reader to read 4 short and concise sentences rather than reading one long non-ending sentence. Short sentences are more likely to keep the reader interested and stay on your essay. The length of the sentence depends upon the rest of sentences around it. Make sure you switch between various lengths so that your reader does not get bored.

Use simple words

Along with using short sentences make sure you write simple words. Do not do fancy writing and insert poetic words and metaphors. The words you use should make sense and best fit into the sentence. For instance do not write utilize when you can simply write "use".

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