How to Create a Solid Admissions Essay

A well written admissions essay is the last document standing between you and the education of your dreams. Once this valuable paper in the hands of the administrators, it is up to your writing and strengths to sway their decision in your favor. Here are a few tips on how to go from a prospect to a student by marketing yourself in the most attractive manner.

If the admissions committee is holding your essay, chances are they have already viewed your transcript, extracurricular activities and references. If you are unsure the purpose of an admissions essay, let's start by acquainting you with this initial, important step toward education.

Your essay will encompass your personality, goals and strengths, all of which are being considered as assets by the school. The more outgoing and driven the student, the higher the chances that your future endeavors will put the institution directly in the spotlight.

Demonstrate your passions and desires for the future. If you are lucky enough to know what you want to do until the day you retire, let your emotions about that field flow into your essay and express the many ways you seek to further yourself and your education.

Now, unfortunately, not everyone will be as lucky as to have a firm grasp on their future. Don't worry, this doesn't mean that you, too, can't show passion and commitment. Try displaying your heartfelt interest in other subject matter, whether it be an obstacle you faced or a life altering moment you encountered. Let it be known that you have drive, spirit and exactly what it takes to compliment and advance the institution you are applying to.

If none of this works for you, try a different approach. Write about someone or something that inspired you to develop both academically and as a person. This can be anything from a mentor or a family member to an event or even a literary work. Try to remember why you wanted to further your education to start with and what drives you each morning to do what you love.

One final option is to discuss in detail the scenarios and elements that lead you to your life of academia. Perhaps you witnessed an injustice and decided to become a lawyer. Maybe you had a change or heart or an epiphany that lead you the the conclusion that you and you alone were responsible for changing the world. What ever you may decide to write about, always remember to display your passion, motivation and enthusiasm to stand out above the rest.

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